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We, the members of the AKISAN community have come to crossroads; as our organization faces financial uncertainty, strained relationships, and dampened morale among members. Some of the symptoms include drastic drop in the number of members that AKISAN Chapters can attract and retain, the proliferation of sub-groups formed by indigenes of Akwa Ibom State in the USA, and the difficulty to raise and manage funds to execute our numerous projects.

It therefore becomes incumbent upon us to consider "reform," and take our choice of a leader very seriously. There are no provisions for (OJT) on-the-job training for AKISAN National Presidents. Adequate experience is necessary and not optional! Personally, I have served as a "National President" of a progressive association of Akwa Ibom State indigenes here in the USA. During my tenure, the association experienced peace and multi-faceted growth, including increased revenue and membership. This is why my Chapter is confidently presenting me for leadership, and I accept the honor, for our great Association at this time.



  1. As a God fearing, personable and family oriented person, I lead selflessly and by example, while taking into consideration the dignity and comfort of the members of the group. I am dedicated to, and passionate about the overall AKISAN mission as a ‘MEMBERSHIP’ organization, and together we will keep it so. Philadelphia Chapter presents me to this High office and supports my candidacy.
  2. Our association is in dire need for reform. The relationships that formed the fabric that held us together have been broken and our finances are in shambles. My goal is to craft a leadership model aimed at reform, to address these compound issues. Furthermore, I will earnestly work with the Board of Trustees and the National Council to put in place a process that will continue to guarantee a better management of our financial as well as other resources. AKISAN Finance Manual will serve as a starting document to improve our financial reform and viability.
  3. We need to reinstate the viability of AKISAN as a "MEMBERSHIP" organization, through creative, non-traditional methods of revenue generation that I have been suggesting for many years. If these methods are strategically utilized, adequate funds would be generated for projects, with room for a trickle-down effect to the chapters and members, while stabilizing AKISAN financially. AKISAN is a collection of Chapters that form a strong National Association. Every effort to build on that model will be implemented with the cooperation of Chapters.
  4. The achievement of these goals will be facilitated by my educational background which includes a business degree, and graduate degrees in Public Finance, Public Administration and Criminal Justice, and currently a candidate for a PhD in Urban Affairs & Public Policy. I am professionally trained in grant writing and review, and extensively experienced in Government/Non-profit budgeting and auditing. Also, in AKISAN’s quest to own real estate, my skills as a Certified Property Evaluator and Real Estate Appraiser will facilitate that process.
  5. I have extensive AKISAN operational experience, having served in leadership roles of AKISAN affairs for over 20 years. Mainly, I have been the President of the Philadelphia Chapter, hence member of council, for more than 10 of those years, and have been in various functional committees at the national level.
  6. Charity has to begin at "home." In this instance, our "home" is the United States, where we all live, work and play. We need to be very strong in the US, to be able to communicate with others from that point of strength. I will work to ensure a strong and viable AKISAN that is not depended on foreign support to execute on its mission.
  7. Communication with Chapters will be my focus during my term in office. I believe that when the Chapter Presidents are informed and engaged on the activities of the National, we will be a strong organization ‘owned’ by its members. I understand that there is no direct membership in the National organization and every effort to make the Chapters fully participating at National issues will be my focus.
  8. AKISAN has a rich history of successful leaders, resources and talents. I will make sure that we encourage them and others who favor AKISAN to tap into these wealth and resources for the benefit of the Association.
  9. There is no reason AKISAN cannot function as a thriving successful non-profit organization. I pledge to use my skills to make these happen during my tenure.
  10. I have met all relevant AKISAN constitutional requirements to be National President. My Chapter is strongly behind me and supporting my candidacy. Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, is about to extend such goodwill to the broader AKISAN community.



      Yours in Community Service

      John J. Etim
      AKISAN's No.1 choice for Honest Leadership

In Memoriam

To my loving Father, James Etim, who passed away on April 11, 2012. May his Soul Rest in Peace - Amen!

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Photo Gallery

As I tour the nation seeking your support, I shall be posting photographs of various gatherings/events.

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Manifesto Highlights

  1. Depoliticize AKISAN and give it back to its members
  2. Generate revenue and utilize AKISAN Finance Manual for effective management of AKISAN Resources
  3. Create projects that will be beneficial to members
  4. Unify Akwa Ibom people in the USA by rebuilding relationships, to regain the confidence and respect once bestowed upon AKISAN and its members